WebAlign Pricing

WebAlign is a subscription-based program based on the number of "seats" (team members) that are in your web-development team. Each group subscription is for six months. While you can add more team members during the course of an existing group subscription, all team member subscriptions will end with your group subscription. In general, we strongly encourage you to buy a subscription large enough to accommodate your team's growth in the next six months. Be sure to review the WebAlign FAQ Page for additional information.

Before the end of your six month subscription, we will send you an invoice by email to renew your subscription for an additional six months. You can pay this invoice-- or contact us to adjust the size of your subscription.

Up to 5 Seats

  • $600 per seat

Up to 10 Seats

  • $550 per seat

Up to 20 Seats

  • $500 per seat

Over 20 Seats

  • contact us for pricing

Weekly Member Calls!

Obviously, we don't succeed unless you succeed. And your member's feedback is critical to helping us maintain WebAlign's status as the best product for helping organizations stay on top of web accessibility. As you know, it's the personal connections that make the most difference between a good product and a great one.

Contact Us to Subscribe or Use the Form Below

We always encourage customers to contact us to buy WebAlign because our accounting system does not (currently) let us customize your subscription to the exact size of your team through our website. But, if one of the "off the shelf" packages below fits your immediate needs, definitely feel free to go ahead and purchase one. If you'd like to tweak it later, we're happy to work with you to fine tune it to exactly your needs-- but be sure to sure to review the WebAlign FAQ Page to see exactly how that works.

Call (425) 390-4605 to discuss a custom package that meets your needs!

Pre-Packaged Offerings

Just can't wait to try WebAlign? Well, we can't blame you! While it's always best to get a custom package by contacting us directly, you can also get instant access for your team using the form below.

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